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Damp Proof Paint and Anti Damp Paint for Ladnlords
Anti Condensation Paint from Fugenex specialist paints and anti damp paint
Batthroom Paint, Kitchen Paint, Anti Damp Paint, Damp Proof Paint from Fugenex
Specialist Anti Damp Paint, Damp Proof Paint, Anti Condensation Paint for the trade and public by Fugenex


Damp Proof Paint

Damp proof paint needs to tackle the mould that you can see, and work hard to stop persistent mould returning. Fugenex Damp Proof Paint offers the highest quality damp protection by actually combining with surface moisture to create a solid paint base.

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Anti Condensation Paint

Fugenex Anti Condensation Paint gives you the ultimate protection as it actually helps prevent the formation of condensation by producing a dry film layer. This then stops recurring condensation problems even when condensation is present.

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Anti Mould Paint

A more effective solution than anti mould paint is to clean the area with a separate anti mould product and then use the Fugenex Damp Proof Paint or the Fugenex Anti Condensation paint to treat the area afterwards.

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Fugenex – Anti Damp Paint, Anti Condensation Paint, and Anti Mould Paint Experts

Fugenex have been a pioneer across the world with our research into mould and damp which has allowed us to confidently provide the best Damp Proof Paint / Anti Damp Paint and Anti Condensation Paint, which can also be used instead of an Anti Mould Paint (see details on the Anti Mould Paint page).

Amongst others, Fugenex expertise in this area has lead to research being commissioned by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. We know this area inside out so you can be confident with our superior and specialist paint products.

Why Choose Fugenex Specialist Paints?

  • Premium quality industrial strength paint for maximum effectiveness
  • Easy to apply, can be used on multiple surfaces and be painted over
  • Suitable for home or commercial use
  • Can be applied by paint brush, paint roller, or paint spray
  • Used by home owners, landlords, and professional painters

Fugenex are Paint Specialists.

Damp Proof Paint, Anti Damp Paint, Anti Condensation Paint,
and Anti Mould Paint